1. Clean heat exchanger and inspect for combustion leaks.
2. Test for carbon monoxide.
3. Clean burners and adjust for maximum efficiency.
4. Clean pilot assembly and inspect thermocouple.
5. Inspect flame sensor.
6. Examine flue and inspect venting system.
7. Verify proper inducer motor operation.
8. Verify proper ignition.
9. Inspect gas piping and valve.
10. Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow.
11. Inspect blower assembly operation, lubricate and adjust             as necessary.
12. Evaluate condition of air filters and other indoor air quality accessories.
13. Safety test all controls for proper operation.
14. Calibrate thermostat and confirm proper operation.
15. Evaluate the overall efficiency of the system and inform              customer of equipment condition.

Additional Heat Pump Procedures

1. Inspect and test heater elements.
2. Inspect and test reversing valve.
3. Inspect and test defrost system.

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